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Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Solar Energy

Why switch to solar power? Advantages

There are several reasons why a switch from current energy practices to solar power makes a lot of sense for the world but even more reasons why it makes sense for the average home owner, a reduction in energy costs, “green” power source and for some profit.

Economic Advantages of Using Solar Energy

Although as recently as just a few years ago, due to the high cost of materials and installation coupled with the low potential return, solar energy was simply out of reach for the average person, this is no longer the case.

Thanks to advances in manufacturing over the past decade, solar panels can now be produced that will pay for the cost of installation over the first 6 years of its life making them economically feasible.

  • Cost: Currently the cost to have a professional install solar power in your home can range from $10,000 to $100,000 depending on your individual needs. That may seem like a lot of money until you consider how much your current electricity bill is. For those who are handy with tools the internet is full of instruction on how to manufacture and install solar power in your home for hundreds rather than thousands of dollars.
  • Versatility: Even if you choose to only install enough solar panels to power a small section of your home such as your hot water heater or swimming pool pump you can still reap the rewards of a huge reduction in your electric bill.
  • Profit: Just in case you need another reason to switch over to solar power consider this, as your solar panels create power they will create more power than your home can use. Many people who use solar power are able to sell this excess power to the local power companies. Not only are you powering your home for free the very companies that have been charging you so much for electricity for years are now paying you for electricity.

Don’t forget the government incentives!

Care and maintenance: Solar panels also require little or no maintenance, do not make any noise or smells and you can add more panels for more power as your family and budget allows making for even greater savings.

usage of solar powerEnvironmental advantages

  • Pollution: Solar power is a clean sustainable energy source that will not pollute our air or water by releasing nitrogen oxide, carbon dioxide, mercury or sulphur dioxide like fossil fuel energy does.
  • Global warming: Does not contribute to global warming, smog or acid rain.
  • Storage and use of harmful chemicals: There is no transportation or storage of dangerous radioactive chemicals or combustible fuel with solar energy.

Disadvantages of solar power

Although the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages there are a few.

  • Cost: Cost is the number one disadvantage to solar power. It is expensive to set up a solar power system initially and it will take several years before you see a return on your investment.
  • Space: Solar panels need a large space.
  • Efficiency: Although electricity can be stored in solar batteries, solar power can only occur during bright sunny days making it inefficient in areas with a lot of fog, rain and clouds or at night.


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